Inventions Theme Pack


Can you imagine a world without telephones or computers or cars or even rubber and paper? Someone had to invent all of those!

All inventions start with a bright idea. What’s yours? This inspiring theme pack for kids ages 9-14 explores great inventions and inventors of the past, present, and future. Learn about inventions from ancient civilizations, American history, and the kids of today, then get started on your own life-changing inventions! Even Benjamin Franklin started off as a kid inventor. What will today’s kid’s inventors accomplish?

This theme pack includes three magazines (48 to 58 pages each):

DIG February 2019: Let’s Invent

Features: What is Invention?, Paper Power, Rubber Adds the Bounce, Egyptian Glass, Invention or Innovation,

MUSE February 2019: What’s Your Bright Idea?

Features: Out of the Dolphin Cave and Into the Ocean, The Curious Kid, For the Win!, The Limber Inventor, Alert! Alert!

COBBLESTONE February 2019: The Power of Invention

Features: Get Set to Invent, Introducing the FilTurbine Guttering System!, Accidents Happen, Hooked! Meet Inventor Katelyn M. Sweeney, Time to Invent