Go Fish!


FACES Magazine October 2021. Fish can be found all over the world--in oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams. There are more species of fish than of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals combined.

There’s something fishy about FACES Magazine. While FACES usually looks at locations, cultures, and people around the world, this particular edition focuses on fish!


Take a deep dive into what swims in deep blue, including seahorses, cod, salmon, tuna, and more. Get to know a few of the 33,000 species of fish in the oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams of our world. Get to know the parts of a fish from start to fin’ish. Games, articles, pictures, illustrations, fish tails tales, and more will have you reeling in knowledge and fun.


Enjoy features including:

·         The Seahorse: Nature’s Trick Question by Mary Beth Cox

·         Big Blue: One Very Cool Tuna by Carolyn Shea

·         Fish in the Desert by Merry Dankanich

·         Oh My Cod! Fish of Abundance & Prosperity by Kym Kettler-Paddock

·         Do These Sea Serpents Sense Quakes? By Deepa Jain

·         Salmon Prayer

·         Salmon Boy: A Haida Story retold by Robert San Souci

Regular features of FACES Magazine include High Five, At a Glance, Critter Corner, Where in the World, A Closer Look, Your Turn, Dear Kylie, Art Connection, Say What?, One Last Face, Contest, and a crossword puzzle.