Is It Hot or Is It Cold?


FACES Magazine July-August 2022.  We live on a planet of extremes. From scorching deserts to arctic regions, humans have explored and studied Earth’s hottest and coldest places.

Our world is pretty cool. But it can also get exceptionally hot. FACES Magazine introduces you to some extreme climate locations. Whether you like hot or cold weather, you’ll love this edition of FACES Magazine.


Start with learning some fascinating facts about our earth’s environment that may be surprising—such as, not all deserts are hot. Then get to know some crazy cold and seriously scorching locations on our planet such as the “Land of Death” or Dallol in Ethiopia—where you encounter an average temperature of 94 degrees F, but they can soar up to 122 degrees F! Luckily, we have photos of some of the really cool landscapes that resulted from this extreme heat, so you can skip the trip and save on sunscreen. Get tips for staying safe in life-threatening weather conditions—whether its due to extreme temperatures or dangerous natural events, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or blizzards. And don’t miss meeting the tardigrades (water bear)—one of the strangest looking animals on the planet—and also the toughest.


Enjoy features including: 

·         A Planet of Extremes by Randy Carvery

·         Staying Safe in Extreme Temperatures by Ruth Rodgers

·         Stone-cold History by Emily Floess

·         Ethiopia’s Extreme Landscape Is the Hottest Place on Earth by Rachel Kehoe

·         The Pearl of Siberia: Lake Baikal by Jennifer Buchet

·         Living It Up in Death Valley by Marcia Amidon Lusted

·         Cooling the Hot Tin Roofs by Deepa Jain

·         The Legend of the Pinon Nut retold by Monica Di Santi


Regular features of FACES Magazine include High Five, At a Glance, Critter Corner, Where in the World, A Closer Look, Your Turn, Dear Kylie, Art Connection, Say What?, One Last Face, Contest, and a crossword puzzle.