The Sun and the Moon

FACES July-August 2020. Our ancestors relied on the sun and the moon to keep track of time long before smartphones reminded us what day it was. People created festivals and legends to honor these celestial bodies.
FACES July-August 2020

From our moods to our holidays, the two celestial bodies of the sun and the moon affect us in many ways. This stellar edition of FACES Magazine looks at all the ways the sun and moon play important roles in our lives.


Many countries have festivals and celebrations around the sun and the moon. Some even believed the sun and moon were Gods. Learn about the phases of the moon and when you’re most likely to run into a werewolf. Or climb the temples built for the sun and see how it was used for early calendars. Discover the stories, mythologies, and facts that will make you look to the sky with a new respect, as well as a host of fun characters, beautiful poems, and vivid illustrations. 


Enjoy features including:

Sun or Moon? The Solar and Lunar Calendars by Marcia Amidon Lusted

Powered by the Sun by Barbara Lerman-Golomb

The Mid-Autumn Festival by Natasha Yim

Apollo & Artemis by Chaddie Krugger

The Sun on Your Plate by Kathy May and Olga Revenko

Machu Picchu by Carly Schuna

Werewolf Whereabouts by Megan Hansen

Human Versus Desert: Marathon des Sables by Christine Graf

The Mirror retold by Janeen R. Adil

In the Rabbit Moon retold by T.V. Padma



Regular features include High Five, At a Glance, Critter Corner, Where in the World, A Closer Look, Your Turn, Dear Kylie, Art Connection, Say What?, One Last Face, Contest, and a crossword puzzle.