Environment Theme Pack


We only have one planet, and it’s our duty to take good care of it. If you’ve never thought much about what happens to your trash after you throw it out, you’re not alone.

This eye-opening theme pack explores the importance—and the limits—of reducing, reusing, and recycling and what a greener future might look like! Visit a recycling center, find out about the invisible danger of microplastics, celebrate Earth Day, and take a trip to Nepal, a country that might just become Earth’s first country to run completely on renewable resources!

Theme pack includes five magazines (36-48 pages each).

CLICK April 2015: Talking Trash

Features: Our Stream Team, Here Comes the Garbage Truck, Upcycle, Space Trash, Flush!

CLICK March 2019: No More Trash

Features: A Visit to the Recycling Center, Washed Ashore, Trash or Toys, Where Does it Go?, Nature’s Recyclers

COBBLESTONE April 2021: Celebrate Earth Day

Features: Senator Nelson’s Big Idea; Back to the Tap; Denis Hayes, Planet Hero; Be the Change, Composting is Cool

MUSE September 2019: Recycling’s Moment of Truth

Features: From Trash to Tunes, Re-Imagining Birthday Parties, Is 3D Printing Eco-Friendly?, How Everyday Stuff Turns into Microplastics, Plastic Pileup

FACES September 2019: Top of the World, Ma!—Nepal

Features: Welcome to Nepal, Historic Nepal: The Future of Energy?, The Search for the Yeti, Yak Girl, What to Wear in Kathmandu