The Olympics: A Look Back

DIG July - August 2016 single back issue.
DIG July - August 2016

This month Dig Into History takes a look at the origins, traditions, and artifacts of the Olympic games from ancient Greece to modern times with articles that include:

An Athlete’s Journal by Anthony Hollingsworth

To the Winner by Neil Wright

Why? by Justin D. Lyons

A Revival with a Difference by Justin D. Lyons

Only Girls Allowed by Emily Abbink

Super Athletes by Emily Abbink

Under the Swastika by Duane Damon

Bring Back the Games by Carolyn Fay

Battle of the Bards by Sarah Novak


Our “Let’s Go Dig-ging” section features articles such as “The Clues are in the Art” by Neil Wright, “A Felucca in California?” by Gloria W. Lannom, “Olympia Today: What Remains” by Angela Murock Hussein, and “Look What They Found!” by Diana Childress.

Regular features include: Fun with Words, The Calliope Chronicles, What’s Wrong Here?, Ask Away!, This & That, Off the Shelf, The Adventures of Dr. Dig, and Art-i-Facts, and Then & Now.