DIG January 2016 single back issue.
DIG Magazine January 2016
DIG INTO HISTORY is traveling back in time to visit the Roman World around the height of its power in A.D. 117. Articles include: “The Stage is Set,” a look at how Rome’s invasion of Cathage would change North Africa’s destiny, “Olive Money”, about the tax of olive oil imposed by Caesar, and “An Emperor’s Prize,” the story of Octavius Augustus’s successful governance of the Empire. Readers will also find a play to act out, learn about the importance of spices, and visit the great trading center of El Djem. Additional stories include “The Baths at Leptis Magna”, “Trouble from the North”, and “The Christian Connection”, as well as regular features such as The Calliope Chronicles, Ask Away!, and This & That. Don’t miss this history-packed issue!