CRICKET September 2016

CRICKET September 2016 single back issue.
CRICKET September 2016

Cover art by Jaime Kim


When you come home from school, relax and open CRICKET.

If you’ve ever had a school crush, you’ll enjoy “<3 Quest,” a clever playground romance reimagined as a power card game.

On the day Emperor Augustus dies in ancient Rome, twin brothers enjoy a day free from school. The streets are full of chaos—and adventure—in the historical fiction “All for a Lizard.”

Don’t skip school; skip stones! Did you know that the world record for skipping stones is 88 skips? Learn about this ancient and irresistible tradition in “The Time-Honored Sport of Stone Skipping.”

If numbers are your passion, you’ll love the true story of “Ramanujan,” the self-taught Indian mathematical genius and subject of the recent filmThe Man Who Knew Infinity.

When legendary Finn MacCool got into a tangle with the Scottish giant Benandonner, the result was the rock formation known as the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland. You’ll laugh at the bully and the big baby “The Legend of the Giant’s Causeway.”

There’s an activity for building a model Roman arch, a new story contest for writing your own myth, the latest from our online crowd-sourced story Kyngdom, and a new buggy adventure. We also begin a two-part retelling of the Rapunzel story, set uniquely on the American prairie. So let down your hair, with Cricket.