CRICKET OCTOBER 2015 single back issue.
This month’s issue features the following stories:

  • Tamitha and the Troll-Witch by Elizabeth C. Desimone 
  • Welcome to the Night by Joyce Sidman 
  • The Long Night by Steve Vance Creepy Crawly Creatures by Annette Alger 
  • An Unusual Worm by Carol Shank 
  • A New and Distant Star, Part 2 by Anna Zumbro 
  • Through the Telescope by Mary Quattlebaum 
  • Salt of the Earth by Janet J. Kosky 
  • Ghoulish Goblin Heads (craft) by Julienne Marlaire 
  • Return of a King by David Rash 

As well as regular features such as Favorite First Sentences, Letterbox, Cricket Country, Ugly Bird’s Crossbird Puzzle, and more.