CRICKET Magazine March 2022


Explore a troubled friendship, a houseful of gremlins, the art of Giotto, and Marco Polo’s Venice.

Cover art by Alida Massar


Let’s visit Venice! This beautifully illustrated edition of CRICKET Magazine examines some of the artisans of Italy with glassblowing, medieval painting, and the story of Marco. But don’t worry, you won’t travel too far from home.


In addition to the captivating canals, you’ll work through the trials and tribulations of friendship with Maria, visit foreign lands through fantastic poems, and solve the mystery of messy gremlins with Dea. Filled with charming stories, sophisticated illustrations, and engaging games, CRICKET Magazine will transport your child’s imagination to other lands and other worlds.


Enjoy features including:


·         Maria by Helle Sun

·         After Reading the Myth of Persephone by Kathi Morrison-Taylor

·         The Glassmaker by Carissa Sumner

·         Cricket Readers Recommend

·         Giotto: Medieval Artist with an Attitude by Chris Watson

·         Marco by Joan Lennon

·         The Golden Journey to Samarkand by James Elroy Flecker

·         Grinning Snowmen by Raven Howell

·         Socks by Salinda Tyson

·         Crocus by Susan Vande Griek

·         When Fish Fly by Darienne Oaks

Regular features of CRICKET Magazine include Letterbox, Cricket Country, Ugly Bird’s Crossbird Puzzle, Cricket League, Cricket and Ladybug, and Old Cricket Says.