CRICKET April 2016

CRICKET April 2016 single back issue.
CRICKET April 2016 

Rise to new heights with this daredevil issue of Cricket magazine.

Adopted by Cuban-American parents and living in Miami, eleven-year-old Mariel takes a trip of a lifetime when she returns to her Chinese orphanage in “Miami by Fujian.” Written by David Kwee, illustrated by Gloria Pizzilli.

Can wisdom and goodness win out over meanness and badness? Find out in “The Terrible Kites of Len Yo,” a tale of ancient China filled with the wisdom of Lao Tzu. Written by Helena Clare Pittman, illustrated by Julianna Brion.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, daredevil Dolly Shepherd stole the show, and the hearts of her fans, as she risked life and limb parachuting from high-flying balloons. Read her amazing story, and enjoy some amazing photographs, in “Hang On, Dolly!” Written by Salle Lee.

And speaking of amazing, have you ever ridden in one of those brightly colored hot-air balloons? Enjoy the ride as you get the behind-the-scenes story in “An Amazing Airy Adventure.” Written by Michelle Burchett. 

Enjoy the final episode of “The Secret,” by Linda Wimberly, the continuing adventures of Morgiana in our retelling of the Ali Baba tale, and a new daredevil story contest. Even Pussywillow takes a daredevil kite ride! All in this month’s Cricket.

And this Cricket also presents some of the contributions of our readers to the Kyngdom project on our Chatterbox. Join the story! And may the Power of Wing be with you!

Regular features include: The Letterbox, Cricket Country, Ugly Bird’s Crossbird Puzzle, Cricket League, Cricket and Ladybug, and Old Cricket Says.