James Monroe: Fifth U.S. President


COBBLESTONE Magazine September 2023. The two-term presidency of James Monroe was an era of national growth, prosperity, and “good feelings.”

Meet Mr. Monroe, our fifth U.S. president. He oversaw many major milestones for our fledgling country, including helping America establish its independence. His years in office became known as the “Era of Good Feelings” and this edition of COBBLESTONE Magazine shows you why. 


James Monroe became president in 1816 after spending his early career working with law and politics. He helped spark a transportation revolution, binding the republic together through canals, railroads, and roads. And he ensured the nation’s capital would remain in Washington D.C. and furnished the White House with many objects that are not only iconic, but still in use today. Through stories, games, articles, and more, you’ll get to know more about this loyal lawman, his contributions to our country, and how he provided a foundation for the foreign policy of other U.S. leaders. 


Enjoy features including: 

·         Virginia Patriot by Andrew Matthews

·         Monroe on Tour! by Ruth Tenzer Feldman

·         Binding the Republic Together by Meg Greene and Will Bremen

·         Claiming the Continent by Sylvia Whitman

·         Rebuilding From the Ashes by Elizabeth Howard

·         The American Colonization Society by Catherine Grace Jones

·         The Monroe Doctrine by Carolyn Gard and Andrew Matthews

·         The Family Behind the President by Elizabeth Howard

·         Keeping the Legacy Alive by Meg Chorlian 

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