North American Beaver Fur Trade


COBBLESTONE Magazine September 2022. A demand for beaver pelts led to a profitable fur trade and set in motion the exploration of North America.

Leave it to beaver? Believe it or not, beavers were an important part of America’s heritage and helped ignite the westward expansion. 


Get to know how these furry little friends helped pave the way for trade, trace the history of the Hudson Bay Company, understand the powerful role beavers played for Indigenous people, and watch beavers in action as they build homes, dam creeks, and change the shape of our water ways. You’ll never look at a beaver the same way again. Fun facts, historical stories, and gorgeous art round out your early-American education. 


Enjoy features including: 

·         A Land of Waterways by Laurel Sherman

·         The Legend of Wishpoosh retold by Elizabeth M. Tenney

·         The Beaver Trade Begins by Jack Rudolph

·         Adventure Is Out There! by Mark Clemens

·         Big Business on the Frontier by Randy L. Bixby

·         Nature’s Master Builders by Ellen Hardsog

·         Just the Facts by Ebenezer and Colonel Crow

·         Rendezvous! by Mary E. Allen

·         Dramatic Changes by Elizabeth Howard

·         The Way the River Flows: An Interview With Dr. Rebekah Levine by Emily Cambias

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