On the Frontier


COBBLESTONE Magazine November-December 2022. The call of the frontier was answered by all kinds of people, from pioneer families to cowboys and exodusters.

Follow us to the frontier. This edition of COBBLESTONE Magazine takes a walk on the wild west side. You’ll follow in the footsteps of those who forged their way across our country, blazed trails through treacherous territories, and mastered mountains. Additionally, this edition of COBBLESTONE shines a light on the Trail of Tears and the Mormon migration. Find fascinating stories based on real-life children who endured trip west. Get to know the unknown riders of the Pony Express and met some famous faces from the period. All this and more are supplemented with beautiful photographs and illustrations, fun games and activities, maps, and other educational features that keep you engaged and entertained.


Enjoy features including: 

·         Mountain Men by Mark Clemens

·         A Day on the Trail by Jerry Miller

·         Forced Removal by Christine Graf and Andrew Matthews

·         Through Children’s Eyes by Grace Bliss Smith and Stephanie Throne

·         Frontier Forts: Symbols of American Ambition by Peg Lopata

·         ‘Orphans Preferred’ by Hazel Krantz

·         Exodusters by Marcia Amidon Lusted

·         Following the Herd by Andrew Matthews

·         Frontier Fun by LeeAnn Blankenship

Regular features of COBBLESTONE Magazine include: Did You Know, Going Global, Freeze Frame, Your Letters, Just for Fun, Dr. D’s Mystery Hero, Spotlight On…, Say What? and Cartoon Connection.