Asian Americans

Cobblestone May-June 2020. In the 21st century, people from Asia make up the largest group of immigrants coming into the United States.
Cobblestone May-June 2020

Asia is considered the largest and most diverse region on Earth and today, Asians make up the largest number of immigrants coming into the United States. In this enlightening edition of COBBLESTONE Magazine, you’ll get a chance to meet some of these immigrants, dive into the history of their immigrations, learn about the countries they left behind, and understand why families choose America to start new lives.


From in-depth views of war-torn Asian countries to comprehensive interviews with famous athletes, musicians, artists, and more, COBBLESTONE is giving you and your children unprecedented insights into the history of the Asian-American immigration experience. In addition to people migrating West, you’ll learn what customs, fashions, words, and foods came with them, all integrating into the melting pot that is American culture. 


Enjoy features including:

  • It’s the Law by Mark Clemens
  • Chinese Hopes by Craig E. Blohm
  • The Case for Birthright Citizenship by Erin Mullins
  • Loyal Citizens by Ruth Tenzer Feldman
  • Filipinos Fill a Gap by Elizabeth ten Grotenhuis and Christine Guth
  • Refugees of War by Christine Guth
  • Introducing the Sikhs by Christine Guth
  • Open to Experiences: An Interview With Yo-Yo Ma by Elizabeth ten Grotenhu

Regular features of COBBLESTONE magazine include: Did You Know, Going Global, Freeze Frame, Your Letters, Just for Fun, Dr. D’s Mystery Hero, Spotlight On…, Say What? and Cartoon Connection.