A Visit to Puerto Rico


COBBLESTONE Magazine March 2023. This Caribbean island is a U.S. territory with a distinct and diverse cultural history.

Puerto Rico is Spanish for “rich port,” named for the gold discovered in the soil and streams. This edition of COBBLESTONE Magazine is also rich, filled with golden nuggets of information about Puerto Rico. 


Starting with the Spanish conquest, you’ll take a deep dive into the fascinating history of Puerto Rico, including how it became a US territory, the decision to become independent or a state, and the devastation that Hurricane Maria caused in 2017—much of which is still being addressed even today. Plus take a tasty tour of the foods of Puerto Rico, meet some famous faces, and enjoy a traditional trickster tale. Full of charming illustrations, vivid images, and helpful hints to better understand new vocabulary, your kids will love learning about this thought-provoking place. 



Enjoy features including: 

·         Spanish Conquest by Elizabeth Howard

·         San Juan: Puerto Rico’s Caribbean Jewel by Christine Graf

·         The United States Steps In by Andrew Matthews

·         Weighing in on Statehood by Christine Graf and Elizabeth Howard

·         The Terrible Storm: A Puerto Rican Folktale retold by Robert Scotellaro

·         A Fiesta of Flavors by Jennifer Buchet

·         Remembering Roberto Clemente by Todd Tuell

·         Tembleque: Puerto Rican Coconut Pudding by Jennifer Buchet


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