Clara Barton Takes Charge


COBBLESTONE Magazine March 2021. Meet Clara Barton: teacher, clerk, nurse, lecturer, lobbyist, American Red Cross founder, and humanitarian.

If you’re looking for inspiration this Women’s History Month, get to know one of the pioneers in healthcare - Clara Barton – in this month’s COBBLESTONE Magazine. She’s best known for establishing the American Red Cross, but did you know that by the time she achieved that, she was almost 60 and already on her fifth career?


With period photographs and stellar story writing, let COBBLESTONE Magazine transport you back to mid-19th century to the time of the Civil War. You and your kids will learn what care for wounded soldiers was like at that time and how Clara Barton revolutionized the field of medicine—and medicine in the field. And also, see how she saved the strawberry fields… forever. Plus, interactive puzzles and quizzes provide fun ways to test what your children just learned.


Enjoy features including:

  • Shaping a Future by Gail Skroback Hennesse
  • Angel of the Battlefield by Mike Weinstein and Andrew Matthews
  • Civil War Medical Care by Margaret Slepkow and Elizabeth Howard
  • In Search of Lost Soldiers by Karen E. Hong and Andrew Matthews
  • No Time to Rest by Elizabeth Howard
  • In Case of Emergency by Will Bremen
  • Help Is Always on the Way by Patricia L. Murph
  • Stop the Spread! by Will Bremen
  • All About Clara Barton Crossword Puzzle by Will Breme

Regular features of COBBLESTONE Magazine include: Did You Know, Going Global, Freeze Frame, Your Letters, Just for Fun, Dr. D’s Mystery Hero, Spotlight On…, Say What? and Cartoon Connection.