The Mighty Mississippi: America’s River


COBBLESTONE Magazine April 2023. The people, places, and events that have flowed along the Mississippi have been woven into American history.

One of the most important means of transportation in America is not a road or a railroad. It’s the Mississippi River. This edition of COBBLESTONE Magazine takes you on a wild river ride, through the history and uses of this mighty water way. 

The Mississippi River seems to cut the United States down the middle, but it has played an important role in tying the nation together. Discover the prehistoric North Americans who first explored and lived along the banks of the Mississippi River, the real-life steamboat adventures of the creator of Huckleberry Finn, and the modern measures taken to make sure the Mississippi doesn’t flood. Along the way, learn how to make a Mississippi Mud Pie (it tastes wayyyy better than it sounds), learn about the lock and dam system to help control water ways, see the role the river played in shaping our states, and more. Photos and illustrations help guide your journey and games, fun facts, anecdotes, and more keep you interested from start to finish. 


Enjoy features including: 

·         First Peoples by Andrew Matthews

·         France Stakes a Claim by Marcia Amidon Lusted and Craig E. Blohm

·         Riverboat Pilot by Jerry Miller

·         The Fall of Vicksburg by Craig E. Blohm

·         Engineer Extraordinaire by Elizabeth Howard

·         Controlling the River by Elizabeth Armstrong Hall

·         Stepping Up: An Interview With Rojean Heyer by Emily Cambia

·         A Famous Mud Pie by Elizabeth Howard

·         All About the Mississippi River Crossword Puzzle by Will Bremen

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