Celebrate Earth Day


COBBLESTONE Magazine April 2021. The first Earth Day in 1970 was a call to action for the environment. Its message has only increased importance.

Happy Earth Day to you! On April 22 we celebrate Earth Day as a way to remember how fragile our planet is and what we can do to help take care of it. But have you ever wondered about the origins of this important observance?


This edition of COBBLESTONE Magazine digs deep into the history and impact of Earth Day. Take a look at ways children around the country are helping to make a difference for our planet and learn what you can do all-year round to help. Packed with hundreds of helpful tips from covering your pots when you’re cooking to composting, you’ll see how even the smallest steps can make a huge difference if we all do our part.


Enjoy features including:


  • A Call for Action by Barbara E. Slaiby
  • Senator Nelson’s Big Idea by Nicole Groeneweg
  • Protective Laws by Elizabeth Howard
  • Back to the Tap by Jodie Mangor
  • Ban It! by Will Bremen
  • Denis Hayes, Planet Hero by Nicole Groeneweg
  • One to One Million: An Interview With Jerome Foster II by Emily Cambia
  • Be the Change by Bruce Watson
  • Composting is Cool by Will Bremen

Regular features of COBBLESTONE Magazine include: Did You Know, Going Global, Freeze Frame, Your Letters, Just for Fun, Dr. D’s Mystery Hero, Spotlight On…, Say What? and Cartoon Connection.