Trees, Please


CLICK Magazine September 2021. What grows older, taller, and heavier than any other living thing? Trees! See how they grow, meet animals who depend on them, find out why leaves change color, and more.

This is a truly TREEmendous issue of CLICK Magazine. From seeds to leaves, you’ll learn all about trees—and the birds, bugs, and other creatures who live among them.


They are everywhere around us. We’ve probably planted one already. They are small and big and SUPER big. Some have flowers and some have fruit. But how much do you really know about trees? Do you know how to identify a tree by its leaves? Or what happens when a tree falls? Or why leaves change color in autumn? Find out all this and so much more with this informative, interesting, and highly insightful edition of CLICK Magazine full of brain tree-sers.


Enjoy features including:

·         I See Seeds

·         Tree Story

·         Trees!

·         Looking at Leaves

·         A Tree’s Life

·         What Color are Leaves?

·         Big Tree Down by Laurie Lawlor

·         I See Trees

·         Whose Leaf?


Regular features of CLICK Magazine include Click and Jane and Beatrice Black Bear.