CLICK Magazine March 2022 (CHINESE version)


Build with big machines. Visit a demolition site. See how two schools are built—one with bricks and one with plastic bottles. Find out how the Statue of Liberty was built. Play games and more. 

This edition of CLICK Magazine is written in Chinese characters and comes with a free guide for parents.


If you build it, it will come. Let’s look at the tools, machines, and people who create buildings, statues, and more to discover how they work. 


Starting with a tool you probably have in your house and moving to a machine that probably was used to help build your house, you and your kids will explore all facets of engineering, architecture, and building. Trucks, cranes, and wrecking balls are just part of what it takes to create new buildings. You’ll also meet the people behind building and see how innovative minds are using recycled trash to create a new school. Full of colorful images, accessible introductions to big concepts, and a hands-on tool-time game, this edition of CLICK Magazine is amazing from the ground up.


Enjoy features including:

·         Building with Big Machines

·         Demolition by Sally Sutton

·         New School for Hopperville 

·          Building Schools with Bottles by Tracy Vonder Brink

·         Building Liberty by Susan Yoder Ackerman


Regular features of CLICK Magazine include Click and Jane and Beatrice Black Bear.