CLICK Magazine July-August 2022 (CHINESE version)


Take a nature walk. Spot a butterfly and help scientists. Find clues that show an animal passed by. Learn why volunteers watch peregrine falcons. Make a nature notebook, and more.

This edition of CLICK Magazine is written in Chinese characters and comes with a free guide for parents.


Birds, butterflies, and even bears—get up close and personal with nature with this edition of CLICK Magazine. 


Complete with a nature notebook that you can fill out, CLICK Magazine helps you get to know the nature of the outside world like never before. Learn about the birds and butterflies that you can see in your own backyard, as well as birds and other animals that you may not necessarily see each day. Plus learn the tracks and signs of common critters so you can see who’s been visiting your neck of the woods. 


Enjoy features including:

·         Butterfly and Moth Hunt

·         Nature Spy

·         Who Goes There

·         On Track

·         Mary and the Peregrines by Maria Hlohowskyj

·         Swan Lake by Buffy Silverman

·         My Nature Notebook


Regular features of CLICK Magazine include Click and Jane and Beatrice Black Bear.