The Inner You


CLICK Magazine April 2023. What happens when you move your muscles or munch your lunch? Why is blood red? How do you fix a broken bone? Find out, play an operation game, and more.

Everybody has a body, but do you know how your body works? This edition of CLICK Magazine is here to educate you. 


Muscles, bones, blood—if it’s under your skin, it’s in CLICK. Meet your red blood cells and learn how they travel through your body—transporting inhaled oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body and bringing carbon dioxide back to your lungs in time for an exhale. That’s a big job! Then think about all the movements you make every day – not just walking or running, but smiling, chewing, and talking. Every movement you make requires muscles, so you’ll learn all about the 600 muscles you have. Lastly, bone up on your bone knowledge and understand how our bones grow, heal, and keep us going. You won’t believe how fascinating your body is, and the easy-to-understand guide, accompanying images, an organ operation game you can play, and helpful hints from Click will help you get to know yourself more than ever before.    


Enjoy features including:

·         Red, Luke, and Patty 

·         Muscle Power 

·         Your Insides Speak Out by Elizabeth Preston

·         Ollie’s Owies

·         Butterfly with a Broken Wing by Susan Yoder Ackerman

·         Operation 

Regular features of CLICK Magazine include Click and Jane, Yo Wants to Know, and Beatrice Black Bear.