CICADA SEPTEMBER 2015 single back issue.
This month’s issue features the following stories:

  • A Slam Poem about Slam Poetry (Cicada’s Brain Crush Contest Winner) by small.sparrow 
  • The Snowman by Shawn Cheng 
  • How Not to Write a College Essay by Elizabeth Preston 
  • Cynical Saint Considers Reincarnation by Liz Meley 
  • How to Start a Zine by Sonja Katanic and Emma Cohen 
  • Writer’s Manifesto: What’s a Zine: An Interview with Mimi Thi Nguyen 
  • Revolution Shuffle by Bao Phi 
  • Gold by Karen Rigby 
  • Copernicus’ Fault by Celia White 
  • Straying from the Path by Charity Tahmaseb 
  • Unruly Stories: Angela Carter’s Fairy Tales by Kelly Link 
  • Pirate Queens by Anna Neher and Isabella Rotman 
  • Two Poems by Felix Palmer 
  • Selkie Stories are for Losers by Sofia Samatar 
  • Artist Allies by Yewon Kwon 
  • Creative Endeavors: Risk by Gutsy Greenhorns 
  • Zine Crush by Emma Fernhout