CICADA March 2017

CICADA March 2017 single back issue.
CICADA March 2017

Cover art and inside cover by Kelly Fernandez

Spring is on its way! In keeping with the season, this month’s issue of CICADA is celebrating green and growing things—new leaves, new beginnings, and unsettlingly sentient plants.

“Saguaro cactus plants almost always die when transplanted.” Ever since she was a little girl, Soledad has felt bonded to plants in a way that she never has with her adoptive family. R.L. Ugolini’s beautiful story, “Saguaro” follows Soledad as she grows up and finds a place to take root.

Have you ever waved back at someone, only to find that they weren’t waving at you? This is just one of the mildly humiliating moments illustrated in Isabella Rotman’s “Coloring Book of Tiny Frustrations.” To maximize your frustration, try using colored pencils or paper on this glossy paper!

“Girl Mans Up” by M-E Girard is the coming-of-age story of Pen Oliveira, a queer teenager growing into her identity. Read an excerpt here in Cicada, and check out an interview with the author in “Writer’s Manifesto.”

Nature fights back in “Whose Upward Flight I Love,” by Nalo Hopkinson. When a particularly bad storm hits the city, the parks department has to wrangle the trees back into place when they try to escape.

In “The Hosts” by Maria Dones, people are chosen as hosts for the four elements: fire, water, earth, and air. When Oriel steals sacred flames from the Fire Temple, forcing it to claim her as a host, her life is transformed into strange and magical adventure in which things are not always what they seem.

When you snip a few leaves from your basil plant to make fresh pesto, could you swear that the plant growls softly? Don’t miss this month’s Cicada Census, asking the important question, “Are Your Houseplants Secretly Plotting Your Demise?”

Poetry in this issue:

“Fruit Girl” by Emma Camp

“Daredevil” by Julie Germain

Comics in this issue:

“You Are Beautiful” by Kelly Fernandez

“Sober” by Anna Bongiovanni

“The Cycle of Depression (And Denial)” by Corinne Mucha


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