CICADA January 2017

CICADA January 2017 single back issue.
CICADA January 2017

Cover art by Marnie Galloway

This issue of CICADA explores the deep—dark ocean trenches, secret crannies of the human heart, far reaches of outer space. Take a deep breath… here, there be monsters. You may find danger and friendship where you least expect them.

Rene Sears’ haunting story, “Your New Voice and You,” retells The Little Mermaid from the perspective of the sea witch, putting readers in her shoes—or tentacles. Sears’ fresh take on the classic fairy tale is complete with an ending that is sure to linger in minds for weeks.

A very different kind of mermaid appears to Izam, a hungry young fisherman, in “Mermaid” by Jonathan Schneeweiss. Now he must choose: let her go and continue to live and die in poverty, or take a chance to make a fortune, even if it means doing the unspeakable.

Jude always had his eyes on the stars. When he dies in a tragic accident, his friends see his “solemn, teary, small-town” funeral arranged at the local Baptist Church as an insult to his memory. Instead, they gather to celebrate his life with a send-out worthy of a true explorer. Jordan Taylor’s story, “Astronaut,” is a bittersweet expedition into two different unexplored realms: outer space and death.

Plunge into the depths of The Slam, Cicada’s online writing community, and read some of the best submissions from 2016! These imaginative stories and poems range in topic from wannabe hipsters to Roman myths to rotten strawberries.

Don’t miss Becca Tobin’s comic, “There’s a Blob in the Attic,” a hilarious nautical take on Clickbait, or the month’s Cicada Census, which asks readers to choose the Best of 2016!

Poetry in this Issue:

“Hagfish” by Emily Dorffer

“Hello, Wild Things, and Good Luck” by Sarah Hollowell, art by Lize Meddings

“House Half Full” by Amelie Daigle

“How We Drowned” by Rob MacDonald

“Friendly Reminder” by Innas Tsuroiya

“To the Astronaut: On Impact” by Lisa Fay Coutley

“A Lesson in Sugar Glass” and “I Gave You Flood” by Ashe Vernon


Regular features include: Cicada Census, Best of the Slam, Artist Allies, Writer’s Manifesto, Creative Endeavors, and Comics Crush.