BABYBUG October 2016

BABYBUG October 2016 single back issue.
BABYBUG October 2016

Cover art by Martha Aviles

October is here! It's the perfect time of year to jump into a pile of leaves, look for hidden acorns, or wander through a pumpkin patch. Come play hide and seek with this issue of BABYBUG! Join Kim as she plays with her friend's new dog, fly with the geese, and explore a colorful autumn forest. And don't forget to find the four special pictures hiding in the pages! Poems include:

"When I Hide" by Dot Cachiaras and art by Vera Rosenberry, 

"When Mary Goes Walking" by Patrick R. Chalmers and art by Lucy Fleming

"The Geese" by Deirdre Mundy and art by Alan and Lea Daniel

"Let's Explore Flying" by Jestine Ware

"Where, Oh Where?' by Septimus Winner and art by Martha Aviles

Our finger play this month is "Squirrel" by Tina Twito and art by Susan Eaddy