BABYBUG May-June 2017

BABYBUG May/June 2017 single back issue.
BABYBUG May/June 2017

Cover art by Jake Souva

What will you create today? This issue of BABYBUG is all about the amazing things that kids can make! Draw with chalk along with Kim and Carrots, build a city in a sandbox, mix paints to make new colors, and meet a kangaroo carpenter! Then, step back, admire your masterpiece, and celebrate with some ice cream! These stories, poems, and activities are sure to spark your young child’s creativity:

“Kim and Carrots” by Clara Vulliamy

“Kangaroo Carpenter” by Pamela Love, art by Jake Souva

“Piff and her Sandbox City” by Carol L. MacKay, art by Colleen Madden

“Ice Cream Cone” by Heidi Bee Roemer, art by Abby Carter

“Green In-Between” by Carrie Finison, art by Michele Noiset

“Let’s Explore: Sandbox” by Jestine Ware

“Little Riddle” by Kurt Metzler, art by Maine Diaz