BABYBUG March 2017

BABYBUG March 2017 single back issue.
BABYBUG March 2017

Cover art by John Joven

What’s that scary sound? Is it a monster trying to eat Daddy? No, it’s just Daddy’s vacuum cleaner! There’s lots to see and do in this “I can help” issue of BABYBUG! Feed the puppy, wave to the garbage man, and ring up the groceries at a pretend store. Give a hand to Kim and Carrots as they put away their groceries! This month’s delightful songs, poems, and activities include:

“Kim and Carrots” by Clara Vulliamy

“Sippity Sup” with art by John Joven

“Garbage Day” by Rachel Schmoyer, art by Taia Morley

“Puppy’s Breakfast” by Rosemary Knapp, art by Neesha Hudson

“Uncle John” with art by Niki Leonidou

“Something in the Closet” by Carolyn Harmon, art by Colleen Madden

“Let’s Explore: Playing Store” by Silvia Plum

“Bunny Bib” by Pamela Love, art by Francesca Di Chiara