BABYBUG July-August 2020

Explore the beach, make a leaf rubbing, meet a friendly whale, and learn about baby sea turtles!

Cover art by Clara Vulliamy


Life’s a beach with this edition of BABYBUG Magazine. Focusing on sand, water, ocean animals, and more, your young learners will feel like they’re taking a trip to the sea from the comfort of their homes. 


Kim and Carrots take a trip to the beach, and Wilbur the Whale introduces some sea life in the form of a perfect poem and pictures. Then dig into how much fun sand can be – even if it’s the sand in a box in your backyard or a park. And then explore the wonders of sea turtles, with fun facts and adorable images to help young learners connect concepts.





Enjoy features including:

Wilbur the Whale by Sheila Kerwin

Sandbox Fun by Leslie Leibhardt Goodman

Little Things by Julia Carne

Leaf Rubbing by Pamela Love

Sea Turtles by Ariel Halback

The Shadow of a Tree by Charlotte Gunnufson



Regular features of BABYBUG magazine include Kim and Carrots and a guide for caregivers.