BABYBUG February 2017

BABYBUG February 2017 single back issue.
BABYBUG February 2017

Cover by Constanza Basaluzzo

From new shoes to a first haircut, we are growing by leaps and bounds!  This “hop and grow” issue of BABYBUG explores the different ways we grow and the people who help us. Learn from a big sister, visit the barbershop with Daddy, snuggle with Mommy, and do things all by yourself! Stomp around with Kim and Carrots, or hop like a bunny. You might even get to help take care of a real furry friend! Don’t miss these songs, stories, poems and activities:

“Kim and Carrots” by Clara Vulliamy

“Bunny Hop” by Dara Sanders Dokas, art by Stephanie Fizer Coleman

“My First Haircut” by Marilyn Kratz, art by Jason Dove

“Forever Whenever” by Sunny Dée, art by Constanza Basaluzzo

“Sister Can, I Can” by Sarah Ben Olson, art by Amanda Haley

“Let’s Explore Bunnies” by Suzanne Beck

“I’m Growing” by JoAnn Early Macken, art by Dorothy Stott