BABYBUG April 2017

BABYBUG April 2017 single back issue.
BABYBUG April 2017

Cover art by Francesca Di Chiara

Spring is here! Little explorers can splash in puddles, feel the wind, and watch pretty petals swirling from the trees. Look out for a visit from grandpa, or a special present from grandma! What’s the orangutan doing under that big leaf? Find out how different animals take shelter in the rain, or take your dog outside for a rainy romp. Whether it’s wet or dry outside, you’ll be sure to have an exciting day with this month’s songs, poems, and activities, including:

“Kim and Carrots” by Clara Vulliamy

“Magic Rain” by Charles Ghigna, art by Luciana Navarro Powell

“Pinwheel” by Elizabeth Steinglass, art by Francesca Di Chiari

“Window Watching” by Cindy Breedlove, art by Hsinping Pan

“Come on, Charley” by Kimberly Long Cockcroft, art by Steve Brown

“Round and Round the Garden” by Mother Goose, art by Susan Swan

“Let’s Explore: Rainy Day” by Emily Granville

“Cherry Blossoms” by Carrie Mac, art by Constanza Basaluzzo