Sneaky Art Tricks


ASK November-December 2020. How can artists, with only a pencil, make us see castles in the air? They must know some clever tricks!

This edition of ASK Magazine celebrates the art of… well, art. From invisible colors to how to play with your food and make edible works of art, you’ll gain insights into making pictures pretty, making paintings pop, and, in general, how to make a scene (that people will love to have seen).


Artists reveal some of their best tricks to making viewers see things that are otherwise impossible—rendering 3-D shapes on a piece of paper, creating distance through perspective, and breaking barriers to make pictures come “alive.” You’ll aspiring artists will get tips on fashioning faces, getting guided by grids, and producing paper products that will make any person proud. With artistic tricks, illustrated illusions, and more, there is a bit of magic in this edition too! 


Enjoy features including:

  • The Tricky Artist’s Box of Tricks by Thor Wickstrom
  • A Little Help?
  • Folding the Future by Tracy Vonder Brink
  • The Art of Faking by Tania Therien
  • The Color No One Can See by Elizabeth Tracy
  • Art Pranks
  • How to Fool Your Eyes


Regular features of ASK magazine include Nosy News, Nestor’s Dock, Bot’s Mighty Math, Ask Ask, Contest and Letters, and Marvin and Friends.