ASK January 2017 single back issue.
ASK January 2017

There are books about just about everything under the sun. Books about outer space, books about cooking, books about unicorns and dragons… but have you ever read a book about books? This month’s issue of ASK is all about books, inside and out. Discover how people shared their stories before books were invented in “The Story of Books,’ then flip through the pages of the venerable volumes in “Dr. Bibliophile’s Odd and Curious Books.” Meet Brian Floca, a real author and illustrator, as he shows you how he created the pictures in his new book, andyou’re your hand at creating your own! “The Book of Everything” tells the story of two men who decided to write the world’s first encyclopedia. But why stop at books? Take a behind-the-scenes look at this magazine’s journey into your mailbox with “How ASK is Made!”

Regular features include Nosy News, Nestor’s Dock, Whatson’s Book Corner, Ask Jimmy and The Bug, Contests and Letters, and Marvin and Friends.