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Complete Cricket Magazine Subscription Set for Kids Ages 9-14


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Quick Overview

Get all 4 Cricket magazine titles for kids ages 9-14 and save 33%.
An incredible gift for any household with one or more children ages 9 to 14, our 4-magazine set is sure to inspire, entertain and educate young minds all year long!

This collection of print+digital subscriptions (regular price $39.95 each) is now available at a combined discount of 35%.  

Cricket Magazine:
Cricket transports readers to the realm of imagination with a beautifully illustrated collection of contemporary and historical fiction, fantasy, true adventure, myths, poems and more. See full Cricket magazine description.

Muse Magazine:
A roadmap for intellectual exploration, Muse guides kids on adventures through the known universe. See full Muse magazine description.

Faces Magazine:
Faces takes readers on a trip around the world to learn how kids in other countries live through vivid stories about other cultures and their traditions, folk tales, and recipes. See full Faces magazine description.

Cobblestone Magazine:
Bringing America’s story to life, Cobblestone excites readers’ imaginations with stories about important American events and places, from colonial Williamsburg to famous battles of the Civil War to the Gold Rush and more. See full Cobblestone magazine description.