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Financial Literacy Theme Pack

Financial Literacy Theme Pack
Financial Literacy Theme Pack.

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Lots of kids get an allowance, but here is so much more to financial literacy than just having a bit of pocket money. In this 5-pack of issues focused on finances, kids will get a well-rounded view of the green stuff, from why it buys things, to how to earn it, to what role the banking industry has in helping people save it up.

The Show Me the Money Theme Pack is aimed at kids ages 9 and up and contains:

Money Matters: This issue from Appleseeds explores the history of money, what happens when you write a check, and how to use credit cards wisely. Find out how those strange symbols on the back of a one dollar bill are connected to American history, and meet a few of the world's richest billionaires. Also, learn about the 65 steps in the process of printing American paper money.

Money: Why Can it Buy Things?: Ever wonder why something that costs just 5.7 cents to make (such as a one-dollar bill!) is worth so much? Money talks in this issue of Ask magazine, revealing the history of money, from cows to cowries to coins. You’ll also meet a man whose hand-drawn dollar bills are often used as real money and read the tale of King Midas and his scheme to raise taxes.

Take it to the Bank: Americans love money! And today it's impossible to imagine a world without a system of banks that facilitate lending and borrowing and provide other services that help grow and support our nation's economy. In this issue of Cobblestone we'll explore money and baking. Ever wonder how money is made and who makes it? Have you ever wondered whose faces are on our currency? Discover all this and more...without breaking the bank!

For the Love of Money: Dig examines where the concept of money began, discovered how money “talked” in ancient Rome, and heads to Russia where the terms “bank” and “money” took on new meanings. Readers will also discover flying cash, learn an ancient shell game, and look at 100-pound stone disks used as money on the island of Yap.

Money: Does it Make the World Go Round?: Faces takes a look at counterfeiting through the ages, the commodities market and even Bitcoins in this money-themed issue. From currencies around the globe to the Chinese custom of burning money, you’ll feel richer after reading this issue.