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Dinosaur Theme Pack

Dinosaur Theme Pack
Dinosaur Theme Pack

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Is your little archeologist fascinated with the creatures who roamed the earth thousands of years ago? If so, you’ll want to grab this trio of fossil-flavored issues full of dinosaur facts, discoveries, and information about the scientists who dig them up. Flip open the pages to become a dinosaur detective, dig into the true stories of the scientists who study the ancient creatures, and have a one-on-one with T-Rex himself in the Digging Up Dinosaurs theme pack.

The Digging Up Dinosaurs Theme Pack is aimed at kids ages 6 to 9 and features:

Dinosaur Roundup: Features include: Dino-Mite: Amazing, Unusual, and Unexpected Dinosaur Discoveries, New Dinosaurs: Wild, Wonderful, and Way Weird, To Fly without Wings, Ask Dr. Dino

What Do We Know About Dinosaurs?: Features include:Click and the Kids;Stone Bones; Dana Daring, Dino Detective; Dino Sized; Yo Wants to Know;Talking with T-Rex; Digging for Dinos.

Fossils and Dinosaurs: This popular issue answers questions about the origin of fossils, who digs them up and how scientists know where to look for them. Dig into the true story of the Fossil Girl of Lyme Regis who uncovered hundreds of fossils in her lifetime and make a full dino skeleton with the pattern included.