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Cats Theme Pack

Cats Theme Pack
Cats Theme Pack

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If cats rule the roost in your house, you’ll want to pounce on this kitty-themed pack focused on your favorite furry feline. Featuring 3 issues all designed to sharpen your knowledge of all things cat, you and your child will enjoy delving deeper into the mysterious and mystical life of the tabby who shares his home with you.

The Cat-astrophic Theme pack is perfect for kids ages 6 and up and contains:

Cats Rule!: Appleseeds explores why cats rule our lives including articles about teaching your cat a trick, finding the purr-fect cat for your family, and an inside look at what it is like to work at a cat shelter. Readers will also learn about Bullet the Wonder Cat, read cat-themed fiction and poetry, and discover the parts of a cat from the top of their heads to the tips of their ears.

From Tiger to Tabby: Ask explores the connection between our domesticated felines and their larger cousins with articles such as Wild to Mild, Born to Hunt, and Saving the Tigers. Inside you’ll also find Big Cat, Little Cat and Tiger Tabby's Family Photos.

Cat-ty Science: From lions to tabby and everything in between, Odyssey looks at the cat family tree, discovers the meaning behind cat calls, and takes a look at perfectly normal cat behaviors, including leaping, pouncing, and sitting up high. Readers will also check out the science of cats’ uncanny night vision with some “eye-opening” experiments and read some cat-themed science fiction.