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If your child likes the characters of the LADYBUG and BABYBUG magazines, they will love this award-winning DVD. Utilizing the latest research into early brain development, this video showcases all things in motion to teach children about planes, trains, and automobiles in a fun and informative way.

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Noodlebug: On the Move

All aboard! This great children's Noodlebug video / DVD are On the Move as they examine the world of wheels and transportation. Your child will love the footage, singing, dancing, stories, and activities that make the Noodlebug series both wildly entertaining and award-winning.

This children's DVD / video is specially designed to be great entertainment and developmental tools for young ones. Based on the latest early brain development research, children will exercise their growing minds as they play, sing, and jump along.

On the Move features real children singing and dancing along as the delightful stories, songs, and activities of BABYBUG and LADYBUG magazines come alive through captivating animation and footage of cars, trucks, trains, and planes. Set against a backdrop of traditional melodies, classical compositions, and the sounds of the city, On the Move will put your child in the driver's seat.

Noodlebug's On the Move is a perfect gift for readers of BABYBUG or LADYBUG magazine, as well as any child who has a love for planes, trains, and automobiles.

Product Number: BBB63361