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Product Review (submitted on November 21, 2018):

I think I got my subscription for my birthday one year. I don't remember when- at least two or three years ago. And since then, I have always looked forward to the first of each month, when I pester my mom by saying "is Muse here yet? Have you checked the mail? Is it heeereeee yeeeeeet? PLEEEEEEAAASE tell me it's here!" I just can't figure out how to get the online edition! Then I can read it whenever, wherever. Any advice?


Dear MuseLover,

Thanks for your kind words. Please contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-821-0115 (8 am — 9 pm EST Monday — Friday) or by email at They will be able to determine if your subscription comes with digital access (some are for the print version only). They can also help upgrade you, if necessary.

We hope that helps and thanks again for being a loyal MUSE reader.