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Product Review (submitted on April 10, 2018):

I loved cricket as a kid so I thought my high reading level six-year-old would enjoy spider. She loves it! But then she broght an article to me totally confused about what was going on. The story was about the 'very, very, very long hike' with a family going hiking. It simply told about 'Mama Sara' and 'Mama Jade, their other mother' and my daughter wanted to know where the dad was and what was up with two moms... I was sad to see this being used as a platform to promote alternative lifestyle instead of traditional values, especially when it didn't add anything to the story. Disappointing. Won't be renewing it or the baby bug or cricket. I'll find a magazine without a hidden agenda of normalizing the breakdown of the family.


Thank you for subscribing to SPIDER. We appreciate your business. We value feedback from subscribers, especially when we receive a chance to have a deeper conversation.

We’re sorry “The Very, Very, Very Long Hike” caused you concern. We consider inclusivity and representation to be a key part of our mission. Kids are aware of the configurations of their own families and others from a very young age. They also feel and internalize external messages they receive about themselves from the world around them.

One of our most important goals is to awaken a respect for others in our readers. We want the message in our magazines to be inclusive and nonjudgmental. Each child, and each child’s family, is a part of the world and shares in the experiences all families share. We don’t advocate for a particular identity or family structure—we want kids to see that families of all configurations can be safe and nurturing, both their own and others.

Thanks again for writing. We value this communication. We hope you’ll continue to subscribe, but if that’s not your choice we’ll respect that decision.