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Invention Pack


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Spur a child's love of STEM with Cricket Media's invention-themed issues covering young inventors with bright ideas now and in the past, how inventions have changed the world, and how to think like an inventor. More detail: 

ASK Magazine Feb 2019:
Meet some of the brightest minds in the country, all under the age of 18. See how easy it is to turn a question, a science project, or even just a “What If” moment into your very own invention 

MUSE Magazine Feb 2019:
Kids will dive into the world of innovation with an introduction to cutting edge technology devices that are changing the world, and even a quiz to determine what kind of inventor they are.

CLICK Magazine Feb. 2019:
Children get an early introduction into the world of creating a hypothesis, the process of elimination through experimentation, and creating a prototype. Through stories—both fictional and real-life—of characters who have changed the world with their inventions, one popsicle at a time.

COBBLESTONE Magazine Feb. 2019:
Turn the page back on history to discover the brilliant minds who created some of the everyday marvels that we take for granted, and then meet the newest generation of thinkers and take a peek at what might be in store for us next.

DIG Magazine Feb. 2019:
This edition of DIG Magazine takes your kids back to Ancient days to highlight a collection of very “modern” conveniences we associate with our daily lives which were actually created thousands of years prior and traces their evolution through time.

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