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NOODLEBUG DVD Animal Friends

NOODLEBUG DVD Animal Friends

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Based on early brain development research; this movie uses a combination of songs, poetry, and fun animation to help children learn about the animal kingdom. Kids will have so much fun singing along and watching this movie they won't even know they're learning at the same time.

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Noodlebug: Animal Friends

Winner of Parenting Magazine's Video of the Year Award for 2003 and winner of a 2003 Parent's Gold Choice Award.

This children's video / DVD is specially designed to be great entertainment and developmental tools for young ones. Based on the latest early brain development research, children will exercise their growing minds as they play, sing, and jump along.

Noodlebug's Animal Friends was a 2003 Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner

Children will love hearing enchanting stories and poems read aloud and watching the engaging art from LADYBUG and BABYBUG magazines. Stories are interspersed with activities that get kids up off the couch ” they'll be wiggling like worms and flapping like bats!

Set against the backdrop of familiar melodies, folk songs, classical compositions, and the sounds of nature, NOODLEBUG's Animal Friends is sure to become a companion your child will want to visit again and again.

The video and DVD include helpful hints for parents to maximize their child's viewing experience, and explain the research supporting NOODLEBUG as a springboard for early learning.

Product Number: BBB63359