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MUSE November-December 2016 single back issue.

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MUSE November-December 2016

Have you ever had a nightmare about showing up for school in your underwear? You’re not alone—and science can explain why! This month’s issue of MUSE plunges into the fascinating, funny, and frightening world of dreams. The science of sleep has come a long way, from nineteenth-century dream experiments to high-tech electrodes that can actually record the dreaming mind. We can even study how animals dream! Read about a bored student stumbled upon the key to understanding dreams and explore how glitches in sleep patterns can explain sleepwalking, nightmares, and possibly even reports of witches and aliens! This issue is a dream come true for curious minds, with articles including:

The Old-Fashioned Dream Lab by Carolyn Fay

Movie in Our Minds by Lela Nargi

What Do Animals Dream About? by Mary Bates

Dreams Gone Bad by Jennifer Connor-Smith

Sleep Mode by Avery Elizabeth Hurt

And a special piece of short fiction, Consolidating Dad, by Mary Alexandra Agner

Regular features include: Parallel U, Muse Mail, Science @ Work, Muse News, Q&A, Hands-On, Mini-Myth, Do the Math, Contests, Your Tech, and Last Slice