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Mop the Dog Plush Doll

Mop the Dog Plush Doll

Regular Price: $15.95

Special Price: $6.95

Your child will love to cuddle with Mop! He's the perfect companion while reading Ladybug magazine. Order Mop today!

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LADYBUG children's magazine readers will immediately recognize this adorable plush creation as Mop, the hero hound whose serial adventures bring joy to the face of children around the world. Well now Mop comes off the page and into the arms of the child you love!Whether they're recreating Mop's latest adventure, or just cuddling up for a quiet evening, children will love to snuggle with Mop. Our 9" stuffed dog captures the bumbling, endearing Mop at his best. Crafted from soft, durable plush, he's simply irresistible! Even if your child is not a regular reader of LADYBUG children's magazine, they're sure to love this high-quality stuffed animal's cute features and soft texture.

Product Number: LYB42120