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Ancient Heroes Book Series

Ancient Heroes Book Series

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These books tell the harrowing tales of the famous Greek heroes Hercules, Odysseus, Perseus, and Theseus. Teaching kids about the great mythological figures of Greece, this educational series is sure to inspire their interest in the classics.

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Heroes Book Series: Greek Mythology For Kids 

Four books about four great heroes of Greek mythology: Odysseus and his 20-year adventure returning from Troy; Perseus, who slew the Gordon Medusa, then used her head as a weapon; Theseus, conqueror of the Minotaur and survivor of the Labyrinth; Hercules and his 12 seemingly impossible labors. The author, Geraldine McCaughrean, is a master storyteller who will enthrall young people with these founding myths of Western culture. 


Product Number: KBK42002