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The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic
FACES April 2016 single back issue.

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FACES April 2016 

This month, Faces is heading to the Dominican Republic, a vibrant island country with friendly people located in the Caribbean Sea. Did you know that about 10% of all Major League Baseball players are from this small nation? Or that kite-surfing is a popular pastime? Discover even more surprising facts about this beautiful country with articles such as:

The Land of Columbus by John Mitchell

Baseball is a Way of Life by Colette Weil Parrinello

Baseball’s Next Stars: Dominican Youth Academies by Collette Weil Parrinello

Santo Domingo: A City of Firsts by Christine Graf

The Land of the Hurukan by Marcia Amidon Lusted

For the Love of Chocolate by Lee Gjertsen Malone

A Taste of the Caribbean by Becky Schrotenboer

Kites…On the Ocean? By Marcia Amidon Lusted

The Most Wonderful Thing in the Kingdom retold by Marilyn Sullivan

Regular features include High 5, At a Glance, Critter Corner, Where in the World?, A Closer Look, Face Facts, Art Connection, and a Dominican Republic Crossword puzzle.