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The Spirit and People of Mexico

The Spirit and People of Mexico
FACES March 2017 single back issue.

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FACES March 2017

Smoking mountains, sugar skulls, and over sixty million monarch butterflies! Welcome to Mexico! This month’s issue of FACES takes readers on a journey through this vibrant country, visiting sunny beaches, bustling cities, and close-knit families. Climb the steep steps of the ancient Mayan city of Tulum and peek at the volcanic peaks across the country. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, sample some mouth-watering Mexican cuisine and test your knowledge of its ingredients! Then, join in the celebrations for La Dia de los Muertos, a ‘spirited’ holiday that celebrates loved ones who have died. Gather your friends to act out the story of a boy who had a very unusual godmother… Death herself!

This month’s articles include:

“Mexico: The Land and Its People” by Christine Graf

“Mmm-Mmm Mexico!” by Jennifer Buchet

“Rocking and Rolling with Mexico’s Earthquakes” by Marcia Amidon Lusted

“Migration of the Monarchs” by Natasha Yim

“La Dia de los Muertos: A ‘Spirited’ Holiday” by Pat Betteley

“Mexico’s Smoking Mountains” by Christine Graf

“Tulum” by Joanne A. Reisberg

“La Familia: The Heart of Mexican Society” by Cyndy Hall

“Popping Facts About CORN” compiled by Carolee Miot McIntosh

“La Muerta: Godmother Death” retold by Pat Betteley

Regular features include High 5, At a Glance, Critter Corner, Where in the World?, A Closer Look, Art Connection, Say What?, Fallen Proverb, One Last Face, a contest, and a crossword puzzle.