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FACES January 2017 single back issue.

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FACES January 2017

Imagine a land of beautiful beaches, hotels and mosques rising above turquoise water. Now, imagine a land of snow-capped mountains, populated with tribes of sheep and goat herders. Or, if you prefer, picture a city of buildings the color of paprika, packed with bustling marketplaces and the smell of spices in the air. Or what about rolling deserts full of sand as far as the eye can see? The truth is, all four of those lands are actually the same country: Morocco. This month’s issue of FACES is a journey through the sights, sounds, and flavors of this vibrant North African country. Can you imagine running a marathon through the desert? Every year, over a thousand people do! Sample Moroccan food and drink (and learn to make your own Moroccan cookies!), visit the famous city of Casablanca, learn about how the country has changed over time, and learn a few words of Arabic, with articles such as:

Title: Land of Extremes: Morocco

Morocco: A Land of Extremes

The Tastes of Morocco

The Power and Beauty of Moroccan Mint Tea

Human Versus Desert: The Marathon des Sables

Mosques, Medinas, and the Mahkama: Exploring Casablanca

Believer to Believer: The Hassan II Mosque

Temporary Tattoos: Henna-Style

The Date Palm: More Than Just a Tree

Family Life

Let’s Speak Moroccan!

A Pound of Flesh: A Play Based on a Moroccan Folktale

Regular features include: High Five, At a Glance, Critter Corner, Where in the World, A Closer Look, Art Connection, Editor’s Pick, Say What?, One Last Face, and a crossword puzzle. Readers can also create beautiful stencil art in the style of Moroccan artist Noureddine Chater for this month’s contest!