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A Journey Along India's Ganges River

A Journey Along India's Ganges River
DIG February 2017 single back issue.

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DIG February 2017

According to legend, the Ganges river began in heaven and flowed to earth, the embodiment of Hindu goddess Ma Ganga. More than one billion people embrace it as the world’s most sacred river. Join DIG on an expedition from its source at Gormukh to its delta in Bangladesh and learn about the vibrant celebrations, astonishing myths, and disturbing dangers surrounding its waters. What happens when water used in holy rituals becomes polluted? Why do people toss handfuls of rainbow powder in the air at springtime? Where did we get the words ‘pajamas’ and ‘bungalow?’ DIG explores all of these curious questions and more.

The “Let’s Go Dig-ging” section features the excavation sites at Lahuradeva, Kaushambi, and Sanauli, all in India, as well as pictures of the amazing artifacts found in these three very different dig sites. See a site visited by Buddha, examine ancient jewelry, and find a cat hiding in an ancient stone carving in articles such as:

 “The Ganges Flows to Earth” by Elizabeth ten Grotenhuis

“Let’s Start at Gomukh” by Emily Abbink

“Sacred Waters” by Albert Garcia

“A Place Called Home—for Millennia” by Jonathan M. Kenoyer

“Hinduism, the Buddha, and the Ganges” by Albert Garcia

“The Water’s Gift” by Gordon Grimwade

“Bathed by the Ganges” by Gordon Grimwade

“The Green Delta” by Gordon Grimwade

“Chariot of the Gods” by Gordon Grimwade

“Welcome to Sanauli” by V.N Prabhakar

“What’s What at Kaushambi?” by Jonathan M. Kenoyer

“What the Grains Say” by Jonathan M. Kenoyer

“Let’s Visit Lahuradeva” by Rakesh Tewari

Regular features include Five Facts, maps, The Calliope Chronicles, Fun With Words, Fast Forward, Interestingly…, What’s Wrong Here, Fun & Games, Ask Away, This & That, Off the Shelf/ On the Net, The Adventures of Dr. Dig, In the Headlines, and Artifacts.